Innovative easy-to-use modular marketing and sales platform for furniture manufacturers and retailers. Bring your products to life with 3D visualization, augmented and virtual reality.


AR Viewer Mobile App

Let users try out furniture items in their environment and make sure they suit perfect.


3D Configurator

Enable users to build, customize, and interact with furniture items in real-time on your website.


WebAR Module

Cater your customers' visual expectations by allowing them to place the furniture item to their environment directly from any browser.


VR Module

Provide users with immersive experiences by showcasing furniture in a virtual room.


Furnario benefits for your furniture business

  • Increase conversion. Better visual product experience can drive up to 40% more conversion.
  • Reduce returns. Unnecessary product returns are bad for your business and for the environment. Furnario can ensure accuracy and decrease returns by as much as 50%.
  • Track user engagement. Gain analytics from user-product interaction, understand which aspects need improvement and analyze user product behavioral patterns.
  • Your stationary exhibition areas and showrooms can be virtually enlarged by many times.
  • Grow your virtual product portfolio.
  • Combine Furnario modules up to your needs.

AR Viewer for endless personalization and in-space placements from mobile devices

  • AR Viewer provides your customers with the best online shopping experience.
  • The white-labelling concept is applicable to AR Viewer; more features can be available to your customers from the app under your brand.
  • All furniture units from the chosen collection can be viewed in augmented reality.
  • Get information about installing and using the application.

3D Configurator for websites that drives engagement and sales

  • Easy-to-use configuration system that combines unprecedented scale and accessibility.
  • Parametric configuration in width, height, depth to meet any design parameter.
  • Unlimited personalization - upload images, personalize type and change color, textures and fabric type in real-time.

WebAR Module for e-commerce websites

  • Allows customers to interact with 1:1 size 3D models of furniture items without having to download an application.
  • The easiest way to visualize the furniture item in a customer’s personal space gently nudges them towards the buying decision.
  • Can be integrated with various e-commerce platforms.

VR-module offers immersive experiences to furniture buyers

  • Customers can see the details of the furniture they are about to buy in virtual reality.
  • Personalized models can be adjusted on the go.
  • High quality and realistic visualization of objects.
  • Desktop version is available.
  • Compatible with other Furnario solutions.
  • Compatible with Samsung Odyssey headsets.



Free Plan

Demonstrate products in 3D and Augmented Reality.

  • Upload up to 10 models.


Enterprise Plan

Demonstrate products in 3D and augmented reality with an unlimited number of models.

  • Upload unlimited number of models.

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